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Join the Master a Conversation in Italian 2 Week Challenge 


Start your Italian language learning journey with this 2 week challenge. Join the other 1000+ members learn to speak Italian with this fun and engaging challenge to overcome fear, shyness and learn how to finally speak Italian!

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"I like that it's not a conventional language course where you first learn grammar rules and later you work on speaking and listening.”

- Zofia Maka

"I love having a little community of people to learn with! The Facebook group is great because it helps me feel connected to everyone else, which is important to me (as I'm sure it is for everyone else). I also love all the positivity from you and everyone else in the group! There's a lot that I like about this program :)”

- Caryn Moore

"I took the Italian in Your Pocket course with Luke and it was one of the best experiences that I’ve had in the past year.”

- Lee Carver

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Your dreams of speaking Italian can FINALLY come true!

And I can show you how!

With thousands of Italian lovers and learners just like you!

Learn How to Eliminate Fear and Speak Italian in 3 Months!

Videos about how to learn to speak Italian, travel to Italy and so much more!

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Ciao, I’m Luke Pancoe…

I can still remember my first time in Italy.  I looked out the airplane window. We hadn’t even landed yet and I already knew... I hadn’t even taken a step on the cobble stone streets, tasted the most delicious lasagne al pesto in the world, or met the passionate and beautiful people of Italy yet. I knew that I was home. But I felt like an outsider.

From that moment on, I spent every waking second for the next year doing everything I could to speak this beautiful language. Classes, books, language apps, flashcards, movies, and software. You name it. I tried it.

After spending over a year of trying everything and spending literally HOURS every day just to learn, I finally broke through and I booked a trip back to Italy. When I was there, I spoke only Italian for 3 weeks.

This time, I wasn't an outsider. I finally knew what it felt like to be Italian.

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I knew there had to be a better way, but I wasn't quite sure how. So after learning Italian, I set out to learn Spanish and French next. But this time it went much faster and required less effort. 

became conversational in French and Spanish in just a few months. Each time I learned a new language, I was able to optimize my process for learning.

I finally figured out the secret to learning languages quickly and easily.

I then spent the next 2 years developing an online program to teach students how to speak conversational Italian in only a few months.

And after that, I spent 6 months beta testing and honing that system to make sure that students would be successful. I picked students that were motivated and knew little to no Italian.

My students flourished!