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Luke in Tuscany

Welcome to Italian in Your Pocket!

Benvenuti a tutti voi!

Before we start talking about me, let's talk a little bit about you!

Are you:

  • Planning a trip in Italy in the near future?

  • Wanting to learn Italian?

  • Moving to Italy soon?

  • Looking to experience this beautiful country in a whole new way?

Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy

Perfetto! I can't wait to help you on your italian journey!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me ask you a question about how you would like to spend your time in Italy.

Do you want to:

  • Experience life like the locals?

  • Be able to communicate with people to find some of Italy's best kept secrets?

  • Actually know what you are ordering at a restaurant?

  • Understand what people are saying to you?

  • Experience Italy in ways most people can only dream about and connect with the locals?

If you want to be able to do all of the above and more, let me give you my secret key to success:



Perhaps you have never learned Italian or perhaps you...

  • Have tried to learn Italian in the past but have never been successful.

  • Have taken a class in speaking Italian but left the course not knowing any more than you did when you entered.

  • Bought books on learning Italian and spent hours studying, yet completely forgetting what you learned the minute you closed the book.

  • Learned enough Italian to feel confident in your conversational abilities but as soon as someone started speaking to you your brain froze.

If ANY of the above sounds like you, then you are in the right place and

I am so happy you are here! 

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Now, to the “about me” part…

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Ciao! My name is Luke Pancoe, and like you, I was getting ready for my trip to Italy not too long ago.

During my junior year of college, I signed up for a semester abroad in this amazing country. I did absolutely ZERO preparation for this journey, assuming everyone there would speak English... typical American mindset. I was SO wrong and really kicked myself for not being able to absorb the culture completely.


What I was able to take out of my first trip, I fell in love with. Before my plane even landed in Florence, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was home. I was enamored with everything Italy has to offer: the culture, the people, the sights, and the food... oh the food. I decided that my next Italian adventure would be different, and upon returning back to the United States, I got to work.

I spent the next year, every single day, teaching myself heard that right, EVERY SINGLE DAY... constantly expanding on what I learned, over and over again. Within a year's time, I went back for 3 weeks and only spoke Italian. I finally felt like I was fluent and speaking Italian felt as natural as speaking English. Since then my trips to Italy have been filled with experiences that most people wish their whole lifetime to have. 

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 So why do I do all of this? People are my passion and I want to help people expand their horizons and deepen the human connection we all share with one another. 

I’m a language lover and a person who's trying to make an impact on the world.

Speaking more than one language has allowed me to taste the fruits of encountering new people, discovering exotic places, and experiencing life in ways only speaking English, could have never taken me. 

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Reasons why I love language so much:

  1. New Lens On Life - To learn another language is seeing the world through a different colored lens. You view things through a completely different perspective and begin to expand the human connection on a global level.

  2. Expression of Self - They say when you learn a new language, you gain a second soul. Whether it's experiencing romance like the French or cooking like an Italian; learning a new language enables you to become a whole new you.

  3. Authentic Travel - Dive into real cultural immersion and get away from the traps of tourism. Venture outside your comfort zone and taste the forbidden fruits of new adventures off the beaten path.

So now you might be asking...

"Alright, Luke, how did you become fluent in just a year?"

Great question! And the answer is, doing EXACTLY what I teach all my students through my Repetitive Retention Method™. I am fully confident and know for a fact that my method can work for you because it worked for me and so many others! Not only was I able to become fluent in Italian, I have since then taught myself French, Spanish, and dabbled in Chinese, Polish, German, and Portuguese!

"Wow, Luke! This all sounds amazing! Where do I start?"

You can start by joining the Italian in your Pocket Membership Community. With this amazing community of Italian learners, you will never be alone in your journey to learn to speak Italian. You get fresh new material each week, live coaching calls each week, a Private Facebook Community and Live Chat with other students and Italians. Click below to learn more!