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Why Luke's Italian Course was Different

After taking the Italian in Your Pocket mini course, I knew that I had found something new, something different.

A way of learning that fit into my lifestyle and that I could actually DO, without feeling pressured that I was wasting time and money on in-person classes.

I found it easy to focus on the short audio files, listening to them over and over to get the subtle nuances of the spoken language, from pronunciation of individual words to the rising and falling tones of complete sentences.

And the subject matter of the lessons was actually USEFUL!

Instead of reading an essay on dreams and then writing an essay about it (as I did in my Italian class), I learned from Italian In Your Pocket how to order food, how to go shopping, how to say things that I would need to say every day if I were in Italy.

The best part was that I could listen to the audio files ANYWHERE.

I put the files on my smartphone and listened in the car, while going for walks or runs, while cooking -  pretty much as much as I possibly could.

After a few weeks, the files were drilled into my brain. I could memorize some of the conversations and I would walk around repeating them in my head, or even aloud!

I didn’t care that I may have looked strange talking to myself in Italian. The point was that I was TALKING IN ITALIAN!!!!

And all without learning grammar and vocabulary in the traditional way.

I was acquiring the language rather than “learning” it, much like a child acquires a native language.

Children don’t have to sit in a classroom to learn their native language, so why should adults?

I could hardly believe it, but it was happening.

I didn’t need to write essays.

I didn’t need to pay $85 a lesson. 

I didn’t need to speak Italian only once per week.

I could speak it all the time to myself, and I could listen all the time, whenever I wanted.

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Back to Italia!

While I could speak to Luke fairly well, the real test would be to see if I could speak it in Italy.

I went back nine months after my first trip, this time with my tween children.

I prepared myself by re-listening to the course again and again, and talking to native Italians on

It was certainly out of my comfort zone to talk to complete strangers over the internet, but I was serious about being prepared. Thank you again, technology!

When I arrived in Italy, it was a completely different experience.

I felt confident, I felt ready.

I wasn’t completely fluent nor could I speak perfectly, but I felt like I could speak well enough to be (mostly!) understood and to (mostly!) understand what was being said to me.

This time, far fewer Italians spoke to me in English after my first few words.

On the contrary, they were so impressed that I could speak as well as I could, and only after a total of a year of study, and only 6 months of really efficient study with Italian in Your Pocket.

I was so happy that I not only learned Italian well enough to speak it to natives, but I also was able to demonstrate to my daughters that it is not only possible to learn a language at any age, but that pursuing what makes your heart sing is the entire meaning of life.

Interestingly, my daughters are currently at the age that I was when I first fell in love with Italian.

My hope for them is that they don’t wait 30 years to pursue whatever it is they love, even if it seems like it makes zero sense to pursue those interests in the present moment.

My experience learning Italian through Italian in Your Pocket showed me that there is no time like the present to learn what you love.

And if you have always wanted to learn Italian, now is the time!

The technology and methodology has never been better than it is right now.

Ce la fai (You got this)!!


To see a video of how well Belinda spoke Italian after 3 months of learning with me, click the button below.