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9 Advanced Techniques to Take Your Italian to the Next Level

Today I want to share with you some advanced Italian learning techniques that I have gathered to really take your Italian to the next level! These techniques have helped me not only learn the language, but to learn it well enough to be able to teach it to you. Not being a native speaker, it takes a little bit of extra effort to... 

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Going to the Bar: Coffee in Italy

So you stop by a café on your way to your morning escapades through Italy.Wait, it’s not called a café, it’s called a bar? And ordering a coffee gets you what? The smallest cup you’ve ever seen in your life filled with the strongest espresso you’ve ever smelled in your life, let alone tasted. What do you mean I’m not welcome to sit down, only to stand? I have to drink this stuff quickly? What happened to the calm, indie music and armchairs at Starbucks?

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