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Going to the Bar: Coffee in Italy

So you stop by a café on your way to your morning escapades through Italy.Wait, it’s not called a café, it’s called a bar? And ordering a coffee gets you what? The smallest cup you’ve ever seen in your life filled with the strongest espresso you’ve ever smelled in your life, let alone tasted. What do you mean I’m not welcome to sit down, only to stand? I have to drink this stuff quickly? What happened to the calm, indie music and armchairs at Starbucks?

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Pasqua: Easter In Italy

Being that it is Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter, I thought it was only fitting to write a post describing all of the fantastic Easter traditions that are practiced throughout Italy! Second only to Christmas, Pasqua (or, 'Easter') is the busiest time on the year for most Italian businesses and communities. With exciting festivities, and of course...

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Experience Italy: A True Italian Experience with My Friend Fabio

The most important benefit of learning new languages, for me, is the feeling of belonging that occurs when you have the chance to meet people that you would never have met otherwise. Learning a new language, like Italian, gives the opportunity of having the ability to communicate with new people and building new relationships that would not have been available...

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