Come si usa la frase "ci sta"

Learn to Speak Italian: Come si usa la frase "ci sta"

The warm sun was gently hitting my face as the misty sea water lightly splashed along side me. I was looking out to the island of Capri as I sat back and enjoyed the view. Then the captain of the boat, Gabrielle, slowed the boat down and asked me in Italian, "Ehi, vuoi una foto davanti l'isola? Vai di là." ("Hey, wanna a photo in front of the island? Go over there.")

Learn to Speak Italian: Come si usa la frase "ci sta"

The photo came out pretty nice :) Not only is there something special about being in a magnificent place like the Italian coast, but being able to speak and converse with the locals about it. If you've never been to southern Italy, I highly recommend Positano. I had the most amazing time there. I was able to see some of the most incredible panoramas and lounge on the Italian beaches with some of the bluest water I've ever seen.

I met lots of Italians and even befriended the captain of our boat named Gabrielle when I went to the beautiful island of Capri. He spoke some English with the other passengers but being able to communicate with him in Italian made the experience extra special.

Learn to Speak Italian: Come si usa la frase "ci sta"

He was impressed with my Italian and he started to share more about himself. He had been driving boats since he was 14 years old and now gives tours on smaller boats during the summer and drives large ships in the winter around the world. (He's only 23!)

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Learn to Speak Italian: Come si usa la frase "ci sta"

While I was in Positano, I made a little video for you about one of my favorite phrases, "Ci sta." It's used all the time but isn't something you're going to learn in the classroom. Check out the videos below to learn more about it! 

A heads up, there are no subtitles in these videos. This will allow you to focus on just listening. You can watch the both the Italian and English versions of the video.

Watch the Italian version first, then the English if you need more help understanding, then Italian, and then repeat as many times as you like!