HelloTalk App: Meeting Native Speakers From Around the World

Being able to practice speaking Italian while you're learning is crucial. For those who don’t know, HelloTalk is a great language app that allows you to connect with native speakers anywhere in the world to practice and learn languages. In this case, you can find some wonderful Italians to chat with! It can be hard to find someone to practice a new language with, especially if you aren't in Italy, but HelloTalk changes all that. I started using HelloTalk a while back to practice my Italian after I had studied abroad in Italy and since then, it has opened up many doors for me, both figuratively and literally. I have been able to virtually meet people from around the world and had the opportunity to meet a few awesome people in person.

HelloTalk App: Meeting Native Speakers from around the World

HelloTalk is designed to let you have conversations with native speakers regardless of your level in the language. You can translate words and phrases in the app for messages received and those you want to send. You can pick the gender, age range, and particular countries and cities of people you’d like to chat with as well.

Before you head off on your trip to Italy, you can find people ahead of time to start chatting with and hopefully become friends! This is a great way to meet locals before you go.

The power of HelloTalk lies in the fact that you can immediately have a native speaker to chat with in Italian (your target language) whenever you want. Did I mention it’s free? There are lots of cool features like translating phrases, timers to switch back and forth between languages, and ways to correct each other's sentences. I love HelloTalk because I get to really see and hear how a language is spoken and not just the information from a grammar book. You talk with real people and will learn how to sound like a native speaker!

The only thing I suggest with HelloTalk is that you have a small base in the language or more. Otherwise it can be difficult if you start at zero. But if you have already know some Italian, then jump in! If you want to get your Italian skills up first, check out my free Italian mini course so you can get the full benefit from HelloTalk!

Florence with Italian Friends

As I mentioned above, you have the ability to talk to people in Italy and other countries, and you even have the opportunity to talk and meet people from specific cities you want to visit which is great!

I have lived in and traveled to Italy several times and I have had the opportunity to meet some Italians in person and still maintain those friendships today through HelloTalk! This is one of my favorite things about the app.

Above you can see my friends Angelica and Cesare (you can see a video we made together here) that I met a few years back. We can became good friend through the app and now have met once in California and in Florence! I even got to meet both their families and speak even more Italian. So great :) We still talk and keep in touch I see them whenever I'm in Italy! I never would have been able to connect with such great friends from around the world if it wasn’t for HelloTalk. Go download it and start conversing with native speakers now!

Have you used HelloTalk? What's your experience? Have you met some awesome people on it? Let me know in the comments!