How to use "mi va" and "non mi va"

Learn to Speak Italian: How to use "mi va" and "non mi va"

Today I want to teach you a phrase that's used often in Italian:

"Mi va" and "Non mi va"

This is the first of many videos where I will explain various words and phrases in Italian. There will be two videos to watch, one in Italian and the other in English. 

A heads up, there are no subtitles in these videos. This will allow you to focus on just listening. You can watch the both the Italian and English versions of the video.

Learn to Speak Italian: How to use "mi va" and "non mi va"

Watch the Italian version first, then the English if you need more help understanding, then Italian, and then repeat as many times as you like!

The videos below are from the amazing town of Perugia in Tuscany near Florence. I went there this past weekend and visited my good friend studying there. It might be my new favorite Tuscan town, second only to Florence. 

I hope you enjoy the videos. Please leave a comment below if you liked them and share this post with other people who are learning to speak Italian as well.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have or just want to say ciao! More videos to come!