Italian Photo and Story Contest

So, I had asked my blog followers to send in Italian photos and stories from Italy that I wanted to feature on my blog for everyone to see. I went through and selected my 3 favorites to share with you! Thanks again to everyone who participated and sent something in. It was great to go through and read all the stories and see all the photos, I loved them all! I wish I could show each of them, but I hope you enjoy the ones I selected.

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1st - Story and Photos

By Robert Tarabella

A special treat was a trip to my family’s home town of Seravezza, where we enjoyed a visit their mayor, Riccardo Tarabella, who shares our cognome. It’s a town of artists and marble quarry workers, who have made their living mining marble from the nearby Apuan Alps. Over 90% of the people in the world with our last name still live within a three-kilometer radius of this Tuscan comune. Even though my Italian is non molto buono, I was able to speak for half an hour with Sindaco Tarabella, who spoke almost no English.

2nd - Story and Photos

By Jeff Brady

The photo attached is of the greatest chef in Italy outside his restaurant with a photo collage from a book that had just been published.

The story is that my wife's ex-mother-in-law, Pam (davvero, la ex-suocera di mia moglie) wanted to go to Switzerland to visit her grandson, my stepson.

We landed in Milan and spent a few days there before going on to Switzerland. Since I have learned enough Italian to be able to able to make myself understood, we decided to stay and enjoy some Italian culture.

After going for a tour of Il Duomo and Galleria Vittoria Emanuele we were ready for lunch before our afternoon tour of La Scala. The week before I had seen that Massimo Bottura was in Milan for some launch/promotion which was held in a restaurant near La Scala. I thought that we could try to have lunch there. Surprisingly when we arrived they said that they were full and so we struggled back down toward La Scala.

La Scala was barricaded for a visit by the Italian President that night and Pam was in a wheelchair, so we were restricted in where we could go. I went into the restaurant, Il Marchesino, to see if it would be suitable with disabled access. All looked good & there was "una tavola libera", so I went outside to collect Pam.

I looked around to see Gualtiero Marchesi walking into the bar entrance to his restaurant. I left Pam and my wife and went over to ask Signor Marchesi if I could take a picture of him outside his restaurant. Of course, that conversation was all in Italian. I explained that we were from Australia and that we had been to his previous restaurant L'Albereta and he agreed.

He was excited as he had just received a photo collage of pictures from his new book and he unwrapped it to show me. He kept explaining that it was an "anteprima" and that we were seeing the pictures before anyone else, including his staff. The picture shows the wrapping still in his hand.

It was one of the highlights of my life and chef friends are so envious.

I was so glad that I could speak Italian as this moment would otherwise not have occurred.

3rd - Italian Photos

By Anna Kulagina 

Lake Como

Lake Como


Grazie di cuore!

It was so awesome to see everyone's photos and stories! You guys are the reason that I do all of this and it really is incredible to share my passion with Italy and Italian with all of you. Thank you again to everyone who participated. I hope to do similar things in the future so I can feature more of your experiences! If you sent something in and didn't get selected, please know that every photo was seen and every story was read. There were all wonderful! Vi ringrazio! 

Leave me a comment below and tell me which photo or story you liked the most! I look forward to hearing what you think!