How YOU Could Be Speaking in 3 Months

So you've finished the mini course! Congrats!!

You watched Belinda talking in Italian a little while ago, but now that you've seen the power of my mini course and method, really imagine yourself speaking like her in the next few months!

This is how YOU could speak in Italian after just 3 months of doing my course, Italian in Your Pocket.

She spent about 30-60 minutes a day listening to the course. It's just taking the time to listen, putting in the effort, AND following the right method.

If you want to follow in Belinda's footsteps (which you're already doing), here's what to do next.

After she took my Italian mini course she then went ahead and completed my full course, Italian in Your Pocket over the next 3 months and was able to speak Italian as you see above.

I'm ready to help you get there, but I only want serious students who are finally ready to speak Italian!

But since you've completed the mini course and you're here, then you're already in the small percentage of people who have what it takes to speak!

So complimenti for making it this far :)

If you're ready to dive in and start speaking Italian NOW, then you can request an invitation plus a special bonus for making it this far to my course, Italian in Your Pocket.



NOTE: If you don’t receive the invite email within 15 minutes (be sure to check your spam folder), shoot me an email.

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-Luke Pancoe

Parliamo l'Italiano!